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The Social Neuroscience of Human Attachment Lab (SoNeAt Lab) is located at the Centre for Brain Science, Department of Psychology, University of Essex (Colchester, UK). PI: Dr Pascal Vrticka.

The SoNeAt Lab’s principal line of investigation is devoted to examining the psychological, behavioural, biological, physiological, and neural basis of human attachment, and to translate the obtained findings into theoretical models – such as the functional neuro-anatomical model of organised and disorganised / disrupted attachment (NAMA and NAMDA).

Besides self-reports and narrative / interview measures of attachment, caregiving, and relationship quality more globally, the SoNeAt lab employs neuroimaging – and particularly (functional) magnetic resonance imaging ([f]MRI) and functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) hyperscanning. Participants are adults and adolescents, and most recently for fNIRS hyperscanning romantic partners or parents (both mothers and fathers) with their young children. For more information, please refer to the website sections on The Social Neuroscience of Human Attachment, Methods, Publications, and Talks & Presentations.

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