Longitudinal Attachment Research

Longitudinal Attachment Research

Attachment is a dynamic process that evolves throughout the entire life span. To capture this constant change, longitudinal studies (following the same individuals over several years) are needed. Together with SoNeAt Lab’s international  collaborators, and in particular Tsachi Ein-Dor, Willem Verbeke, and Michal Mokry, we are moving towards this ambitious goal. 

Genetics / Epigenetics & Attachment in Children from Birth to Age 10 – Generation R

In a first step, we have obtained access to a longitudinal data set called Generation R from The Netherlands, which assessed genetics and epigenetics of over 600 children at birth and followed them up at age 14 months with the Strange Situation Procedure (SSP), with subsequent testing at ages 5-6 and 9-10. We will examine how these measures relate to each other.

Genetics / Epigenetics in Couples and Families – Project Alpha

In a second step, Tsachi Ein-Dor has obtained private funding to start collecting data from a new cohort of 1’500 couples from Israel and to follow them through pregnancy, child birth, and child development. The first set of data will be obtained from December 2018 onward and I can be involved as one of the co-principal investigators.

Stay tuned for further developments.