ReSource Project

logo-428x145-transparent_ReSourceAt the Department of Social Neuroscience, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (Leipzig, Germany), I am also working on data acquired within the unique large-scale longitudinal ReSource project.

General information on the ReSource project is available on the project’s website, and on ResearchGate.

More specifically, my tasks involve the examination of how the different mental and social training modules as part of the ReSource project influence:
-behavioral and brain measures of pain perception and regulation,
-biological (blood, saliva, and hair) markers of stress and health,
-emotional self-descriptions, as well as
-the association of biological markers and self-descriptions and brain structure.

Furthermore, an important component of the ReSource project is devoted to the question of how to best cultivate empathy and compassion through activating our care and affiliation system(s). Within this context, I may be able to employ an attachment theory approach and investigate how individual differences in attachment style influence behavioral, biological, psychological and brain measures before and after the training.

Please stay tuned for updates as soon as results of this venture become available.

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