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Relevant job openings in the area of SoNeAt

Please check out the remainder of this page advertising relevant job openings in the area of SoNeAt, both directly related to the coordinating board member’s research projects but also brought to our attention from outside. 

+++ NOW CLOSED +++

Research Fellow (Office of Education Research) [NRF2016-SOL-003] in Singapore

The National Institute of Education invites suitable applications for the position of Research Fellow on a 24-month contract at the Office of Education Research (OER), Centre for Research in Child Development (CRCD). The Research Fellow’s work will be focusing on socioeconomic status, parenting/attachment, neurocircuitry, working memory, and mathematics in SIRG SoNeAt’s coordinating board member Dr Anne Rifkin’s group. Applicants should have a strong imaging backgground (MRI, (rs)fMRI, DTI).

Project title: Optimizing pre-schoolers’ working memory and numerical processing capabilities

For more information, please see the information provided in this pdf-file.

Applicants need to apply via the following link:–Office-of-Education-Research–Centre-for-Research-in-Child-Development—NIE-_R00000143