TEDx 2022

TEDx University of Essex – May 14th 2022:
“Are you paying attention?”

Caring Dads: The Making of Involved and Confident Fathers

Dr Pascal Vrticka is excited and honoured to have been selected as one of the speakers for the 2022 TEDx University of Essex event “Are you paying attention?” on May 14th.

In his talk, Dr Vrticka explained why we should be paying more attention to dads and the important role they play for their children, their families, and society as a whole. Dr Vrticka’s arguments were supported by state-of-the-art social neuroscience data revealing the many biological and brain changes that men undergo when they become fathers. He furthermore illustrated why it is so important to give dads as much time and space as possible to interact and bond with their children.

Please see below for available event recordings. These will be updated regularly.

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Available Event Recordings

Tedx 2022 University of Essex Teaser
Short Talk Sample
The recording of the entire TEDx talk by Dr Vrticka will be uploaded here as soon as it becomes available

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