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A blog post with the title “Why Attachment Matters in Social Neuroscience” written by Dr Pascal Vrticka was published by Scottish Attachment in Action (SAIA). August 17, 2022.

A blog post with the title “Auf der gleichen Wellenlänge – verstehen sich Eltern und Kinder besser durch Gleichklang im Gehirn?” written by Dr Pascal Vrticka was published by on May 24, 2022.

A blog post with the title “Is your brain securely attached? A social neuroscience perspective on attachment” written by Dr Pascal Vrticka was published by on May 19, 2022.


Our research on the association between brain anatomy – especially hypothalamus volume – and caregiving beliefs in fathers was featured in the pressNovember 12, 2021. The Daily Mail (online); The Daily Mirror (print); Irish Daily Mail (print); etc. The official University of Essex press release from November 11, 2021, can be found here.

Piece in The Conversation UK on “Caring, confident dads have structurally different brains – new research”. November 08, 2021.

A blog post with the title “What is Attachment? A Social Neuroscience Perspective” written by Dr Pascal Vrticka was published by Cattanach, a private charitable funder for early years work in Scotland. April 05, 2021.

Interview by a special lunch radio programme initiated by Just Eat Takeaway to support expats on the topic of social connection and virtual interaction. March 12, 2021.

Piece in The Conversation UK on “Synced brains: how to bond with your kids – according to neuroscience”. January 15, 2021.

Our fNIRS hyperscanning research on inter-brain synchrony in father-child dyads during problem-solving (first D-CARE paper) was featured in the press12 January 2021. This included: Press release University of Essex; Press release University of Vienna;;;; The Evening Standard; The Daily Telegraph (London); i-Independent Print Ltd; The Yorkshire Post;; etc.


Radio Interview (Radio Sputnik) on the importance of social connection – based on our piece on the same topic in The Conversation UK. October 26, 2020.

Piece in The Conversation UK on “How to stay socially connected as lockdown returns – according to science”. October 22, 2020.

Article in the German magazine “Der Spiegel” on loneliness and the importance of touch (also in the context of the current physical distancing policies) with some parts provided by myself. April 4, 2020.

Our fNIRS hyperscanning research on inter-brain synchrony in mother-child dyads during problem-solving (first CARE paper) was featured in numerous media outlets in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland: Press release, APA Science, Kurier, Wiener Zeitung, Luzerner Zeitung, Tagesanzeiger, Der Bund, Der Standard, etc. In January 2020.


Our fNIRS hyperscanning research on inter-brain synchrony in mother-child dyads during cooperation performed at Stanford University was featured by Science Trends. April 8, 2019

Interview by Sapere Aude Magazine about my social neuroscience research, especially in the context of the (first- and second-person) social neuroscience of human attachment. March 27, 2019.


Extensive coverage of my humor research at Stanford University. Official blog entry is here. Other examples: Today, HealthlineNews, MSN, Business Insider, The Inquisitr, Topnews New Zealand, Modeactu, The Indian Express, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Parent Herald, The Korea Times, La Nouvelle Republique, …

Bayerisches Fernsehen (BR) “Faszination Wissen”; “Vorurteile – wie sie aus dem Hintergrund unser Leben bestimmen”. April 15, 2012.

The New Yorker; Annals of Psychology by David Brooks; “Social Animal: What the new sciences of human nature can help make sense of a life.” January 17, 2011; (here).

3Sat “Nano”; “Sie sicherten Überleben – Vorurteile”. November 25, 2010 (here).

The Dana Foundation; BrainWork Newsletter; “Brain Responds Quickly to Faces”. Published online, November 1, 2008; here.

Cerveau et Psycho; “La bonne dose d’attachement”; N° 29 page 8, October 2008.

La Stampa; “Il primo incontro non si scorda mai”; August 11, 2009.

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF); February 11, 2014; “Frauen lieben witzige Männer” (here).

20 Minuten; August 23, 2013; p. 23; “Humor ist abhängig vom Geschlecht” (here).

20 Minuten; November 23, 2012; p. 27; “Halbe Chefs, ganze Väter” (here)

Le Temps; December 30, 2011; “Les limites du cerveau humain” (here) and “Le mécanisme de la première impression” (here).

Le Courrier; September 12, 2011; “En l’absence des tours” – Exhibition at the “Elysee” in Lausanne (Frank Schramm; Stand ups – reporting live from ground zero).

Tribune de Genève; March 18, 2011; “International Brain Awareness Week (Semaine du Cerveau)”; (here).

Télévision Suisse Romande “39.6°”:”Seuls à en mourir!”; June 9, 2010; From Minute 20:00 to 24:15; (here).

Le Matin; September 21, 2009; “Homme ou femme: Une question de contraste”; (here).

Schweizer Fernsehen “Einstein”: “Die Macht der Vorurteile”; March 11, 2009; (here).

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Zentralschweiz am Sonnatg; “Das Gehirn hat Vorurteile”; October 11, 2009. (here).

Newsletter of the NCCR Affective Sciences “Affect and Emotion”; Volume 1, Issue 10, September 2008, page 2.

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