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(August 14-15, 2023)

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SIRG SoNeAt Special Issue

SIRG SoNeAt is guest-editing a special issue on “The Social Neuroscience of Human Attachment” in the Journal Attachment & Human Development. All contributions have now been accepted and a printed version of the special issue is being prepared!

In this special issue, we are highlighting the newest developments of this still very young field of research, point to its remaining questions and unresolved issues, and delineate possible avenues for the future – also in terms of practical applications related to prevention and intervention strategies in a clinical context. The overarching aim thereby is to elucidate whether and how social neuroscience may advance attachment theory during the 21st century.

General Description of SIRG SoNeAt

The goal of the SEAS SIRG SoNeAt is to promote a systematic social (cognitive affective) neuroscience approach to investigate the underlying biological and brain basis of human attachment. This goal reflects the overarching philosophy of social neuroscience that emerged as a novel integration of theories and experimental approaches from both neuroscience and psychology. In the case of SoNeAt, this means an emphasis of multi-modal and multi-method investigations combining data on (i) the biological and brain basis of human attachment derived from social neuroscience methods with (ii) theoretical constructs and experimental approaches from the comprehensive psychology framework of attachment theory. It is the hope of SoNeAt that such integrative strategy will help elucidating whether and how social neuroscience may advance attachment theory.

To achieve the above aim, SoNeAt would like to bring together people from various neuroscience and psychology backgrounds so that they can share their approaches and ideas. In line with the overarching philosophy of social neuroscience, SoNeAt is open to a wide range of experimental social neuroscience techniques across many levels of investigation and data acquired using both first- and second-person social neuroscience methods. Likewise, SoNeAt promotes the exchange of different psychological concepts and experimental approaches associated with attachment theory. In doing so, an active dialogue is sought with researchers interested in all aspects of social and interpersonal relationships, comprising, for example, caregiving, social isolation, loneliness, and many more.

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