Mini-Conference “Attachment from a Social Neuroscience Perspective” on September 23rd and 24th, 2021

Attachment from a Social Neuroscience Perspective
September 23rd and 24th, 2021

Within the virtual mini-conference series organised by the Society for Emotion and Attachment Studies (SEAS) in 2021, SIRG SoNeAt had the honour of hosting the mini-conference on Attachment from a Social Neuroscience Perspective on September 23rd and 24th, 2021.

The conference brought together more than 100 researchers and other interested people from around the globe.


Topics, Speakers, and Talk Titles

Day 1, September 23rd
Overall Topic: Exploring the variety of social neuroscience approaches building upon and/or related to the social neuroscience of human attachment

Keynotes & Debate on “Attachment and the Neurobiological Basis of Predicting Others’ Availability as a Source for Allostasis Co-Regulation

Shir Atzil

Talk Title: Neuro-behavioral Mechanisms of Mutual Regulation in Bonding

Jim Coan

Talk Title: Social Baseline Theory: Health, Well Being and the Social Regulation of Effort

Expert Talks & Roundtable on “Exploring the Fundamental Neurobiological Processes underlying Attachment in Animals and Humans”

Hans Ijzerman

Talk Title: Social Thermoregulation

Kumi Kuroda

Talk Title: Two-dimensional model of affiliation and its neural basis in mammals

Isabell Meier

Talk Title: Opioid modulation of social reward, bonding and affiliation in humans

Day 2, September 24th
Overall Topic: Discussing the translational significance of social neuroscience research in the context of attachment and its implications for (mental) health

Keynotes & Debate on “Attachment, Maternal Addiction, and Psychopathology”

Lane Strathearn

Talk Title: The Neurobiology of Maternal Addiction: What’s attachment got to do with it?

Linda Mayes

Talk Title: Understanding Maternal Addiction: A Neuroscience Informed Approach

Expert Talks & Roundtable on “Attachment, Intervention, and Buffering Effects

Mary Dozier

Talk Title: Intervening to help parents serve as effective buffers for vulnerable infants

Katherine Ehrlich

Talk Title: Can Attachment Security Offset the Physical Health Risks Associated with Early Adversity?

Nim Tottenham

Talk Title: The Effect of Parental Cues on Affective Learning During Childhood

Days 1 & 2, September 23rd & 24th
5 Parallel Symposia (with 3-4 individual presentations each)

Symposium 1.1
Attachment in Pre-Schoolers

Symposium 1.2
Stressful Events, Cortisol Reactivity, and Attachment

Symposium 1.3
Attachment and Relationships: Caregiving Beliefs, Co-Regulation, Synchrony, and Priming

Symposium 2.1
Attachment in High-Risk Samples and Clinical Applications

Symposium 2.2
Attachment and Touch

Registration & Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is now closed. There were 19 individual papers selected and arranged into 5 parallel symposia over the two conference days. Abstract submissions included researchers based in Canada, Chile, France, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Iran, Singapore, and Japan.

Registration is now closed.
Payment categories were:
-10€ for SEAS members
-10€ for early career researchers
-20€ for professional non-members


Please used the form below to contact SIRG SoNeAt with any questions about the mini-conference.

Follow us on Twitter: @SIRG_SoNeAt. This year’s event used the hashtag #SoNeAt_MiniConf_2021.